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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paid to Play Game|Get the Prize by Winning the Game

Do you like playing games? Playing game is interesting and fun. It refresh our mind and then can do other activities. If you play games below, you can get not only the mind freshness but also a chance to win the game. The payment is through paypal. if you don't have paypal account, you can create now by clicking the following banner .

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  1. Wall Street: Win $100 to play on line forex.
  2. Photo Mystery : get $10 weekly prize. Just guess the photo and win the prize.
  3. Life Bets: The player who has the best predicts the future will win $100.
  4. Moola : I haven't tried this game.
  5. Street War : play to click links, and get $100 for the winner.
Have Fun to play games and May God bless you to win the prize.

Play Games Online for BIG Cash Prizes!

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